Toyota Gears Up for Groundbreaking in Plano

future home of Toyota

Toyota North America will break ground Tuesday in Plano for their new U.S. headquarters.  Construction is expected to complete in late 2016 with 4,000 possible positions transferring from their current California facility. According to the article of, “A spokesperson for Toyota said the quality of life in North Texas is one of the  many reasons the company decided to make the move from California.”

You can see the rest of the article HERE.

Learning from the Low-ball Offer

Is a low-ball offer a good chance to see things with fresh eyes?

The low-ball offer is hardly uncommon, especially with the number of all-cash “let’s make a deal” buyers who feel that a “bad news economy” gives them purchasing leverage in any market. Some buyers today are in denial that the market has changed and is moving more towards a seller’s market. Obviously the listing agent has an obligation to present all offers to their seller. And yes, the seller might be insulted at first, but a low-ball offer is a good time to reflect on the listing, your buyer, and possibly see things with fresh eyes.

Here are a handful of things to consider:

1. What’s the seller’s position? Facing foreclosure? Facing other personal or professional deadlines, like job relocation?

2. Are there any cosmetic or physical reasons the listing might be encouraging low-ball offers? Is this a wake-up call?

3. How close is the offer to a likely appraisal? Will the appraisal strengthen or weaken your negotiating position?

4. Is the buyer legitimately open to negotiation, or is this a “see if it sticks” pitch? Are they serious buyers?

5. Are there recent comparables which suggest this “low-ball” isn’t as low as it seems? How confident are you of the pricing?

6. Finally (and most importantly): Is this low-ball offer a great opportunity to have that difficult conversation regarding any/all the above issues?